Ricky Force


29 Apr 2023 // 23:00 GMT


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Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Ricky Force began his career by making his DJ debuts at 'Bassbin' and 'Power FM' in the early 2000's. After years on the decks, Ricky began producing. His subsequent releases have earned him a reputation of authenticity and integrity, repping the original Jungle and Breakbeat sound with his own unique edge. Ricky spent years promoting the sound in his hometown through a decade long infamous club night 'Reach' and a weekly show on RaidiĆ³ na life.

He now reps the legacy of his own label 'Pressin Hard Records' established in 2012, along with heavyweights such as Reinforced, Flex, Trouble on Vinyl, AKO, Skeleton, DSCi4, Repertoire, Future Retro, 117, 36 Hertz, Mac2 and many more.

The Racket Space

Cross Guns Bridge,  Glasnevin, Dublin 9, D09 XW44,


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